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Note: The FDA requires non-medical companies engaged in selling therapies for better health to provide a Disclaimer:  Kimberly Carpenter, B.A., R.N.(retired), M.G.S. is the founder and owner of Body Detox Center, Kimberly Health Products, (the trademark owner of North Pole Magnets®/Products and Body Detox Center®).  She or her staff provides the client with the ability to utilize the Multi-wave Oscillator “BELS-Bio Charger” Vitality Lights, "Detox Ionic Frequency Full Body Foot-bath" andits components. As such, she/staff do not diagnose, treat or cure medical or dental conditions, injuries, or diseases, including blood disorders or dental disorders.  This is not a medical, dental, or nursing facility.  No service or product offered by Body Detox Center, LLC is meant to replace or supplement medical and dental diagnosis and treatment.




     Dark Field Nutritional Analysis: is a screening tool, using your live blood via a finger prick. This screening tool is designed to help educate you about the way in which your diet, exercise and lifestyle affect your health.  Many people are told to “eat right and exercise”. This demonstration/screening tool is intended to help motivate you to make those changes, because you will actually see that which may be happening in your body on a cellular level. Special pricing!


     Our mission is to provide you, our client with a clear, consistent, uniformed total body detox, using the feet as an exit point. With state of the art equipment, osmosis, frequency, North Pole magnets®, Tesla Coil Energy "Vitality Lights" and far-infrared therapies BioMat®, we educate our clients with knowledge. With that, comes empowerment.  Our unique delivery system “Body Detox Center “and its components are elementary, yet powerful in nature, purposeful and consistent. We educate and promote health, with sound scientific principles.

     Our trademarked North Pole Magnets® are based on Dr. Philpott M.D., FDA studies. Our location has a full showroom of human and pet products that include over 100 styles of jewelry to wear. State of the art nutritional products that support health, happiness and harmony!

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Please note there are other companies who CLAIM they are part of our system of Body Detox Center®, if they are not listed here on the official website, they are a fraud- Please call us if you have any information of impersonators at 1-239-325-8567